Contact Information

FRC Team 972

Building Robots, Building Engineers

Meeting Times

During the FRC Build Season and competition weeks (January - March), we meet everyday after school from 2-6pm (or later - see calendar). Before and after the FRC build season and competition weeks, we meet on black days in the LGHS metal shop after school (except for Fridays) from 2-4pm. A complete list of meeting dates and times can be found on our calendar. Feel free to stop by any time if you have questions or concerns. You can even come to simply find out what awesome stuff we’re doing that day!

The metal shop can be found in the Industrial Arts wing, which is across the street from the Small Gym and Math/Language building. It is listed as room 704 in the “Practical Arts” wing at the bottom of the LGHS campus map.

Contact Us

If you would like get in contact, you can email us, talk to Mr. Payne, the metal shop teacher, or talk to Mr. Coppelli, the engineering/robotics teacher.