Important Dates

FRC Team 972

Building Robots, Building Engineers

Season Dates

Saturday 9/24/16 - Sunday 9/25/16: Chezy Champs

Saturday, 1/7/17: FRC Kickoff!

Tuesday, 2/21/17: FRC Build Season Ends (Bag & Tag)

Thursday, 3/9/17 - Sunday, 3/12/17: Central Valley Regional

Wednesday, 3/29/17 - Saturday, 4/1/17: Silicon Valley Regional


Saturday, 11/19/16: Mensa Demonstration

Friday, 3/3/17: Blossom Hill Science Fair Demo

If you are interested in a demonstration from Iron Claw, please contact us.

Meetings and Other Events

For dates of team meetings and other events, take a look at our Google calendar.